About us

My name is Nikki and I am the owner of Trained to Pawfection. My dogs are my family and they inspired me to learn more about dog behaviour and why dogs do what they do. They have helped and guided me throughout my dog training journey and for this I will always be thankful for every canine member of our family past and present. The skills and knowledge I have gained from training my own dogs and helping clients over the years alongside studying a degree in dog behaviour and training has helped me become the dog trainer and behaviourist I am today.

My training sessions including group classes, one to one and behaviour consultations are based on being force free and giving the dog a “choice” if they would like to participate. We try to make training sessions as fun as possible, the more a dog enjoys training the quicker the dog will learn new behaviours. Dogs who are often nervous or worried on the first week at classes are usually the more eager and excited on the second and third weeks. All our training methods are based on the most up to date scientifically proven training techniques that are kind and extremely effective. Some of our customers have been shocked as to how quickly their dogs have responded to our training methods and showed improvements within their behaviour. This helps strengthen the bond between owner and dog improving their relationship.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Certified Animal Behaviourist
  • Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training
  • BSc Canine Behaviour Management
  • Member of the International Companion Animal Network
  • Full and Board Member of the International Canine Behaviourists
  • Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Registered Veterinary Nurse with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • Full Member of the British Veterinary Nursing Association

I love reading and attending seminars further improving my knowledge therefore giving customers the most up to date information on canine behaviour.  I am also the webinar organiser for the International Canine Behaviourists providing continued professional development for other animal behaviourists and trainers.

My love of dog behaviour started when I got my third Labrador, Macey, at one year old, I was her fourth home. Macey was scared of her own shadow, she was especially scared of men, sometimes barking and growling at them. I believe Macey’s problem originated from a combination of poor socialisation as a puppy and harsh methods of training resulting in fear. Now seven years later, after using only reward based training she is a far cry from the dog I met at a year old, she still has occasional issues towards some men but this is now extremely rare.

My love of clicker training started when I got my first Cocker Spaniel, Peppa at eight weeks. I found she responded well to clicker training and learned sit, down, stand very quickly. Peppa is always keen to take on new training challenges and really enjoys her training sessions.

Now all three of my dogs are trained using a clicker and we have learned lots of new behaviours, some simple, some more challenging, but we have had lots of fun while learning.

For more information on our classes or visits please feel free to get in touch.

Contact us on 07507 667116 or email nikki@trainedtopawfection.co.uk


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